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Colline del Vento

Strawberry tree honey

Strawberry tree honey

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Strawberry tree honey

Typical plant of Sardinia. From the beautiful, white, small, bell-shaped flowers, the bees obtain a very high quality nectar which they transform into a honey with a very particular flavour.


Dark amber


Intense, persistent, with a strong bitter and astringent component


Strong disinfectant power; useful in case of inflammation, especially of the urogenital system (e.g. cystitis), but also as a diuretic, antispasmodic and antidiarrheal


It pairs well with ricotta, mascarpone and robiola, but also with Sardinian pecorino and carasau bread, with fresh melon or with ice cream and white chocolate mousse, due to the contrast in taste. Ideal for making nougat.

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